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A lot of scientists believe we are in a time of alarmingly increasing mass extinction of living animals on earth. Many blame that on human activities and interferences in nature. By using poisonous animals for their venom, we could contribute to the extinction rate. Biodiversity has potential to be extremely lethal if animals don't continue becoming extinct.


CONE SHELLS have been collected by shell collectors long before people even began to imagine how their venom could be used for medical purposes. Now that there is another use for them they will be at risk. Only a small amount of conotoxins is retrieved from a lot of shells so there is a large amount needed. Coral reefs now need extra regulation and protection so this amazing animal doesn't get wiped off the face of the planet.


PRO's Research in this field will yield to many new cures that would have otherwise not been achieved. If research and vaccines stop being made to decrease the amount of animals dying, that will hinder new advances in medicine. With the growing amount of diabetes, cancer, and other ailments, death due to those has potential to increase tremendously.

Cons Extinction is a high possibility to many other species. This promising new field has proven to be useful to us in countless ways. However if all the animals used for these remedies become extinct this research will have gone to waste. It is extremely unethical to put other species on the line if there's a high likelihood of us doing harm to them.
Possibilities Now that scientists have found a way to extract certain proteins that can be used for cures and vaccines, they need to find a way to mass produce them without needing the animal that produces the venom. The next step in this process is to find a way of getting these proteins so these animals don't have to be taken out of their environment or killed.