5 Basic Questions
Innovations and Innovators


Impact on Society These new discoveries and treatments will definitely make miracles, probable. It will make windows of opportunity that people of all walks of life will be able to utilize. People will be able to live longer and happier lives without the constant anxiety of getting an incurable disease. These new drugs and vaccines will increase life expectancy around the world.

Gain/Lose Depending on the difficulty of producing these drugs, some people might not gain anything. The companies that make them might charge high prices for the drugs that are extremely difficult to produce. This will only affect the poorer people who don't have money to spend on expensive treatments. The more financially stable families will gain from these drugs the most because they are more likely to have money to pay for them.

Economy This will have a larger boost in the US's economy compared to developing countries because we have more money to spend on these drugs and their development. Developing countries need to focus their money on other things such as getting food and clean water for all it's citizens.