Venom - Deadly Toxin or Panacea?

1. Box Jellyfish

2. King Cobra

3. Marbled Cone Snaill

4. Blue Ringed Octopus

5. Death Stalker Scorpion

6. Stone Fish

7. Wandering Spider

8. Inland Tapian

9. Dart Frog

10. Puffer Fish

*Above are ten of the most poisonous animals on Earth. Ironically enough they might be the ones that hold many cures as well.*

5 Basic Questions
Innovations and Innovators


We can use new scientific discoveries regarding venom to cure diseases, create new pain killers, and much more!

Humans have always been careful to not get anywhere near those neon green or blue frogs that can cause death with a single touch. Sea animals like the Box Jellyfish, Marbled Cone Snail, Blue Ringed Octopus. Stone Fish, and Puffer Fish have killed or harmed thousands and have potential to do such damage to millions. They attack the human body in many different ways. They attack people's skin cells, nervous system, and their stings are nearly always fatal. However these animals have important components in their venom that can be used to cure human ailments. To some, this may seem nothing short of impossible. Luckily, the scientific community never runs with it's tail between it's legs. They tackle such challenges head on. Scientists are working on isolating specific chemicals that are within different venoms and creating drugs and vaccines that do many different things from attacking malignant cancer cells to putting an end to chronic pain.


*NATURE’s The Venom Cure originally aired on PBS*


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